Saturday, April 19, 2014

Spring Wall Art

Sometimes it pays off to be a tiny bit of a hoarder. When we bought our house 11 years ago, one of the first things we did was rip cupboards out of the laundry room. We used a couple upstairs for a while, in my oldest son's room, but most were rather ick, and burned in the backyard. Still, even though these doors were cheap, I did like the basic look of them and stashed them in different places through the years, taking them out, eyeballing them, putting them away again. They were a funny green at the time - the last owners had a serious thing for every weird shade of green. Fast forward a decade, and I found Ella Claire Inspired , and fell in love with her gallery wall art, made with mouse traps! I immediately thought of these doors and finally made my own version. I love how they turned out, and I love being able to quickly change out pictures. There are so many pretty pictures, funny sayings, wonderful bible verses, and quotes, that my walls couldn't hold them all, and now I can just switch them out!

 I lucked out, and had "painted" numbers on scrapbook paper, so I just cut them out and glued them to the mousetraps after following Kristen's directions up until that point. Although the images for #1 and #2 are from The Graphics Fairy, The lettering for Spring, I did on my own (with the help of my 11 year old, haha!). The little bird on top is a stamp I already had. The actual paper is from Goodwill, a big stack of wonderful children's writing paper, in a lovely shade - though the above one shows my overdose of spray adhesive after being knocked down. One of these days I will screw the tops to the wall to anchor them. This is all on the top of the piano, a favorite place for kitties to curl up in the winter.

I do not remember where I got this nest, I have had it for many years now! I recently bought the roll of tickets at Goodwill - I love the faded brown color the purple has faded to - you can see where the rubberband used to be. I filled the birdcage (also a Goodwill find) with a couple packs of dollar tree plastic eggs that I painted. Actually, the bird was even a dollar tree purchase from several years ago.

These candle holders were a wedding gift, and were originally a metal look that I later painted to brighten up. They developed rust after leaving them out all summer, and although I keep putting them in the giveaway pile, they haven't made their way to Goodwill yet. I then saw these (at this point I can NOT find the blog I found them on, and I will the link in when I do!) mossy eggs and already had these giant plastic eggs and moss from...Dollar Tree. The ladies on the blog I found and lost used sheet moss on styrofoam eggs. My moss was loose instead of sheets, so I sprayed the eggs with green paint first, then brushed glue onto the eggs and packed handfuls of moss onto them. I also used a plastic bag to smush (technical word) the moss down. *edited - I found them! Heather from At The Picket Fence is the one who made the ones I saw. 

I really like how everything turned out, and I'm so happy to be finishing up some projects and sharing them!

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Friday, April 18, 2014

This Moment

{This Moment}

A Friday ritual. A single photo - no words  - capturing a moment from the week. A simple, special, extraordinary moment. A moment I want to pause, savor, and remember. 
If you're inspired to do the same, leave a link to your "moment" in the comments for all to find and see at Soulemama.

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Pretty Parcels

Just a quick post (really!). I've received several beautiful things recently, and I wanted to show them off a bit while I'm trying desperately to hurry up and finish my other projects. These papers are the ones I won in Yvonne's giveaway from Flow, and then she added the adorable tags. Now to decide what to do with them! I'm thinking the tags would be wonderful made into a pom pom garland for my girls' room, and the papers into a bunting for my lonely inspiration board in my sewing area.

This little guy is beyond adorable!

This parcel is from Cerri, from The Little Pink Studio, and although I ordered and paid for this one, she fills her orders so beautifully that they still feel exactly like a gift!

I love the bright colors!

This parcel is the most meaningful one - blogging is not what automatically comes to mind when making friends, but it turns out to be an excellent way to do just that! It's so fun to find like-minded people all over the world. This one is from my new friend, Marion, from my two girls (hubby and I think it would be really awesome to meet them when we finally get to go to England!). I had a far better picture of these beautiful treasures, it included the wonderful packaging, too, but when I sat down to post this, I realized the pictures are just not on my camera! I don't know who messed with mom's camera, but someone sure did! And since we had to quickly clean the living room for a birthday dinner a couple days ago, I'm not sure where I put the pretty tissue paper. This picture just doesn't do these items justice. The bobbin tin is such a beautiful grey, the fabric tapes are so pretty - I'm thinking to use the bright pink one for my little paper bunting. The owl now resides on my inspiration board - cheering me on to brighten up that board! Thank you, Marion!! I have something in the works for you, too!

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Fairy Garden

I feel sorry for the occupants of this house!  Pretty huge snail.

Emma spent a couple nights with my mom and dad, and together made this bit of a fairy garden. I'm sure we'll have fun tweaking and playing around with it. I didn't get a great shot, but there is a little bird bath on the bottom left, and a rake behind the chair.  Emma had a great time - we are very fortunate that my parents are very involved grandparents, and live only five minutes away from us. She always comes home with too much stuff, mostly artsy stuff and jewelry, but she deserves it! It was also nice to have something to quickly post, though I am finishing up a couple things house-wise that I can finally post soon. I'm still in the depths of our Giant Spring Clean and Fix Up (because I'm doing more than the standard sort-and-scrub), but have been sick for the eleventy-billionth time in the last several months! I got a new cold from Poor Hubby, who had a nasty cold that went straight to a tummy bug. He went to work this morning feeling doubtful, went in, threw up, came home, went to bed and slept a Very Long Time. Now he is playing a game on my tablet, still looking miserable. I really, really, REALLY, hope we can be done with sickness soon. The weather is improving steadily, doors and windows being left open for a bit every day, and as soon as I am done inside, I can begin outside work, and I really can't wait!! 

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Psych and Goodwill

Bye, Shawn and Gus, we will miss you!! Also, I promise to clean that cobweb off of you, *ahem*.
My family is so bummed. Last night was the last night of one of our very favorite tv shows, Psych. It was one of the few shows the whole family can watch and truly enjoy. I enjoyed it so much, these are really and truly my bobbleheads! I'm not a bobblehead fan in general, but back when we were enjoying Monk, I "had" to have  Monk bobblehead, and hubby was sweet enough to get me one. It only made sense to supply him with some company!

I planned on doing just a quick goodbye Psych post, then figured I may as well throw in some of my recent Goodwill finds. Most of my dishes are white - I love a pretty/cute/bright/fun coffee or tea cup, but for most of my dishes I just love simple white.  I really like this short, round coffee cup.

I found these two egg cups from France - Owen and Emma both love soft boiled eggs. I actually bought two more egg cups later (not sure where the pic went), for Amelia also loves soft boiled eggs, but somehow missed that the girl at GW wrapped them together. When I was quickly unwrapping the dishes, one of them went flying and shattered. *Sigh* When will I learn to slow down and pay more attention?

Terrible picture, but I found seven of these sweet little bowls - which is perfect for the seven of us still at home.

Lastly, I found this E O Brody milk glass bud vase, which I plan to use with a candle. I haven't seen this shape in our local stores before, and I really like it. When I first brought it home, I looked it up, and didn't realize they made so many vases and bowls with such lovely shapes. I usually see the more generic thrift store fare around here. I have one of their hobnail vases that I turned into a lamp, too, but haven't posted it because I want to crochet a lampshade for it first.

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Sunshine and Knitting

We've started the tear down on our porch! 

This girl loves her bunny ears!

Love when they play together so sweetly!

I just wanted to leave a quick post while I was thinking about it - I "plan" on posting old and new projects, so I have some evidence of those things I've actually completed in the past! I do wish I'd taken the time when I was young to snap a picture of the things I crocheted long ago, as so much of what I have made were gifts. In our Spring Cleaning endeavors, this green sweater was mistakenly thrown into the dryer. It is wool, and I had the tiniest bit of a panic attack when I pulled it out. This was my very first knitting project, which I very trepidatiously began when child #3 was little, got a few rows into, put aside, then finished up when #4 was a baby. The fact that my first project was a cable knit describes me almost exactly. This is, though, probably the first pattern that I followed without changing anything. The cabling came out a bit tight, now made tighter by it's adventure in the dryer, but I really like the pattern, and keep meaning to make more. I'd better get on that this summer! This sweater has now been worn by Littles #4, 5, 6, and 7, which is so great. I do wish I'd learned to knit when I was younger. I love crochet, but have always favored knit for clothing. When I was young I just thought it was too hard to learn.
The weather outside is so beautiful today, Alan and Emma were sweet and went to play dinosaurs in the backyard with Owen. This is his very favorite thing to play right now, and although his older siblings are happy to do this for a while, everyone in the neighborhood can probably hear when Owen's been told they're done for now. The howls of that kid! Fortunately, he recovers pretty quickly. That being said, I'd better get to work, and not waste this weather! As you can see from the first picture, we've begun ripping our porch apart, checking how much exactly will need to be replaced. The posts are good! The framing is good! Those are both a bit of a relief, though the front of our house will be "super pretty" for several months, hahaha. Oh well, by the end of summer all should be well. Today is more inside cleaning, but maybe this weather will continue? Then we can move to outside work that much sooner! I really do want to get the backyard worked on this year!!

Wednesday, March 19, 2014


My sister and her family are in town for a few days, sadly because my brother in law's father passed away this past Friday. They are here making arrangements, and the funeral is tomorrow, but last night they got to take a break and meet with us and our parents for dinner at our favorite chinese food place. It might not look like much, but their food is so good - and knowing different people who have delivered there for many years, I know they have always had the cleanest kitchen, too! One of those people was my brother in law, who delivered Pepsi to them when he was young. He has been a pastor now for many years. And is no longer "young", heehee. Of course, he's one of the people I didn't get a picture of. Actually, I didn't get a picture of anybody, fortunately I'm married to a smart guy and he remembered to get a few shots!

Here's some of the girl cousins, taking a cute picture above, and showing their true selves, below!

These were both good ones, I couldn't decide, so I posted both.

Owen was ready for a goofy one, apparently nobody else was.

Zeke and Owen being sweet above, goofy (though blurry) below.

My sister, Emily, above, holding her littlest, Tirzah. 

Selah and Amelia being sweet and hugging each other - this was a hard won hug, they didn't really even want to look at each other for a good long time! They were finally forced to sit next to each other when the food came, and before we knew it, they were buds. Below, some Cringe-worthy Cuteness, rolling around on the floor together. Yum, 'cause no matter how clean the kitchen is, restaurant carpet is restaurant carpet. 

We had a really wonderful time together, knowing Larry is in rejoicing in heaven takes much of the sting out of his passing, but if you think about them, could you take a moment to pray for my sister's family? My husband's father died almost two years ago (coming up in April) and grown men still miss their dads!