Sunday, September 7, 2014

Ready to Slow Down!

Aidan trying to get out of the picture! Mom was too fast, heeheehee!

Wow. Where to begin, yet keep it short. We have been so insanely busy this summer, yet we've rarely left the house! The busyness will continue, I'm afraid, as I will be hosting a baby shower for my daughter in a few short weeks, and there is still so much to accomplish before then. We did force ourselves to get out a couple times. Having our old steps and flooring from our porch was a good excuse to head to the beach and have a couple bonfires!

A couple months ago, I was at the fabric store, when I saw this lady who I knew, but wasn't sure why I knew her, but I also knew I should know her. She was on the phone, we kept eyeballing each other, but I had to go. On my way home I suddenly, without a doubt knew who she was. When David and I first married, we went to a church where this young lady (at the time) went. She was maybe 20, I was 26, recently remarried, with two kids and  pregnant soon after getting married. A couple years later we started getting to be friends, but David and I moved back up here and didn't stay in touch with anybody. No reason, we just didn't. Well, this was her. I just wasn't fully registering that it was her because it was a strange place to run into her. I figured maybe she was on vacation or something, but was kicking myself for not staying at the store. Oh well. Well fast forward a week or so and I get a weird friend request on facebook, which I almost deleted, because I didn't recognize the last name. Fortunately I checked it first, because it was my friend, Heather, she is now married, and lives 15 minutes away from me!! And has for almost a year!! She thought we had moved somewhere else. We've gone to the beach with them a couple times now. She introduced me to s'mores made with roasted marshmallows and chocolate mint sandwich cookies. Holy Yum!

I don't know why we don't go to the beach all the time. It's so beautiful. The sunsets are so beautiful. I took these two pictures almost one after the other, and you can see how fast the lighting changes. Amelia absolutely adores the beach - we can NOT tell her we are going until the very last minute, or she spends the day asking, "We can go to the beach now?"  over and over and over, with some crying and demanding thrown in here and there.

I love this picture of Emma and Owen. David hates it, Emma looks so grown up. She does, and I've seen firsthand how fast it goes. Emma has become a full blown book worm. I love it.

I went to Goodwill today and scored a bunch of books -most of the Beezus and Ramona books, and another series I have never heard of, but looked fun. They were $.99 each.

I also found some nice rubber boots, as the girls both needed a new pair before the rain comes. Mia is modelling them (on the wrong feet) quite enthusiastically.

Photobomb Underwear Boy!
 And then, we have Owen, who has been wearing underwear for the last two, extremely hot, days. We've been a bit jealous at his ability to run around so scantily clad, but for whatever reason, our kids think it would be too icky to have us all run around like that! I don't understand, haahaahaaa.

I've been hoping to find one of these for a while, between the things people have done with printer trays, and this extremely cute house. I have some of my Little People from when I was a little myself. The kids play with most of what I have, and have acquired, but I have saved out some of my wooden ones. This will get a paint job and some scrapbook paper. Some day. We'll see.

I started this blanket on our way back from a long-distance family day, when I realized I needed a no-think project to work on. I haven't even had time to work on that lately (though I do like the colors)! I also have a gift in the making, that I would really like to finish and get sent out! I really like it, and hope she does, too, but good grief, it just shouldn't be taking me so long to get to it. I just took two of our kids for achievement testing, but still need to plan out our next school year. The lady who does the testing had a grammar book that is exactly what I've been looking for, so I am excited about that. I'll go into more of what we've been getting done later, but it's been so long since I've had the chance to post, that I wanted to get something on here! It's so funny, David being on swing shift always makes me think I'm going to have free time in the evenings, but both times he's been on this shift since I started blogging again have been such busy times! I have been sneaking little peeks into other's blogs, and it seems as though we are not the only super busy people right now! I am looking forward to more finishing, and a slower, cooler Fall!

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Thrift Store Finds

Well, we finally purchased the bulk of what we will need to redo our porch - our pocketbooks are crying just a little! I've missed keeping up on my blogging and visiting with you wonderful ladies, so it's a good time to at least share some things I've brought home from the thrift stores!

I found these two board games from the '60's - I love the pictures, graphics, and colors of both of them!

Terrible pictures, but I've gotten a new camera (did I mention mine died, or did that happen after everything else broke, haha?), and need to figure it out. It's just an updated version of the one I used to have, a Nikon Coolpix, nothing super fancy, but I really like it. 

It actually took me THREE trips to one of our favorite thrift stores before I brought home this ironstone gravy boat! For $2!! What is wrong with me?? Really, I was simply trying to not bring home more "stuff", and it has a crack up the side, so I won't be actually using it for gravy. Still. After two trips of not bringing it home, I decided if it was there when we went back, I would get it. And, I did!

This is one of my favorite finds - I love the box, and there are so many beautiful pictures! I like them uncolored, though I'm not sure what I will do with them yet. They would make a wonderful gallery wall, I'm just not sure where I'll find the wall space!

My daughter thought these were weird, but I couldn't pass up the yellow and pink chicken recipe cards!

I've now got a good sized jar of old wedding bells, fans, and this bride.

As well as a good sized amount of baby things - these will come in handy for a baby shower I will be having for my daughter.

I fell in love with this platter - think I'm going to have to watch myself on the platters!

These trims all came in a bag together, now I must make a decision as to what I will make with them. Those types of decisions kill me. I'm always sure that as soon as I commit, cut, and sew, that I will see the "perfect" project that I should have saved them for. The next picture is not from a thrift store,

this is a picture of my GRANDDAUGHTER!!!!! Yep, my daughter is having a baby girl. We are getting very excited to see her, though we still have a good long wait!                                                                   

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Friday, June 27, 2014

15 Years!

Wow. Yesterday was our 15th Wedding Anniversary. Unfortunately the pictures we have are literally few, and poorly done - my brother was big into photography at the time, and was really good at it. For whatever reason, by our wedding day, he just didn't feel like it, and had a poor attitude. Stinker. I still love him, heehee. Now he has his own little stinker clone (who is completely adorable, I wish we lived closer!)  I had thought I would share our story while blogging about our anniversary, but have just not really had the time - laptop is in the laptop hospital. My mom was over for my oldest son's birthday (22!), I was showing her some different things on the laptop (she has no internet! How does she live, haha?). We were serving cake, she got up to help, her foot got caught in the charger cord, and the laptop went down hard on the hardwood floor! Amazingly (especially for us), we had TEN days left on our warranty! Dell even paid for the shipping. What a huge relief! We use a lot of online stuff for homeschooling, so now all four kids have to take turns on one computer. I've had another "tragedy", my little camera died! No warranty on that one, fortunately that one isn't too terribly expensive, I just had a little Nikon Coolpix. I really liked it, and will just get another one of those on payday. Back to the point of the post, we didn't do much, being the low-key people we are. My parents took the younger three kids so we could go visit some junk/thrift stores alone before dinner, but then because I stupidly hadn't gotten clothes ready the night before, and I realized I literally had no clean clothes! While doing laundry, I went to get at least my hair and  face ready, and found that someone has dropped or stepped on my hair straightener. Yep, been that kind of week. Or two weeks. Fortunately my husband is a very patient man, and he wasn't irritated (that he showed, heehee), just felt bad for me. We did manage to hit two stores, and found a couple end tables that would look great in my 14 year old's room. David took him back a bit ago to see if he likes them. We went to T Paul's Supper Club for dinner, and it was AMAZING. We are the kind of losers who are really bad at trying the different places locally, for no reason other than when we go out alone, we generally want to know that we will like what we're paying for. I've heard nothing but good about this place, but we still have never tried it. I had a Seafood Fettuccine, and I can't gush about it enough. It had prawns, shrimp, salmon, clams, and crab. The prawns were the most perfectly cooked prawns I have ever had. David had a steak with a blue cheese bourbon sauce, and it just melted in your mouth. I also finally tried a Lemon Drop, and it was perfect - no overwhelming alcohol taste, just lemony yumminess! Definitely want to repeat that dinner sometime! I had thought it would be fun to go for a walk afterward, then go to the restaurant my son cooks at for dessert and coffee, but good grief, we were TOO full. We did go for a walk, but were so full it was rather uncomfortable. Normally we would have boxed some dinner up for later, but I didn't really want seafood sitting in the fridge, and his steak would not have been the same reheated, either! I know our little town has a few other really wonderful restaurants, and I also know that we need to get back into a date night routine! It is too easy to not go out for introverts, but it is good for us.  We then hit Goodwill, and laughed with some of the people in there about being there for our anniversary, went to my parents', visited for a while, came home, Aidan made me coffee, and I crocheted while we watched funny videos on Youtube through the tv. I will admit, in the back of my mind, I kept thinking ahead to our 20 year anniversary, and wondering, "Do we really have to wait 5 years to go to England?" I can't wait!

Monday, June 16, 2014

Nightgowns For Little Girls

Too cold! Amelia would NOT put her feet on the grass!!

I'm always finding my girls flopped on their tummies, feet in the air!

   Hey! I actually took a bit of time last night and this afternoon, and got a couple of nightgowns made! The girls only have warm pj's right now, and Amelia, especially, has been stripping down before bed. She even has managed to get a heat rash one night. Our weather is so funky, it will be warm and beautiful, but with a muggy, miserable, in-between period before the rain comes. I've had this blue fabric for a loooong time. I actually can't remember where I got it, but I think it was part of a stash given to me from the sister of a friend.  I didn't use a pattern, just the width of their chests for measuring the top bits, some straps, and a length of fabric. I'll post some pictures of the details after I get them off of the girls and washed. Also,Owen has requested a nightshirt!! So funny, I will have to see what I can do about that.
   I tell you what - this couch was such a great buy - especially for swing shift. We've realized our family really functions naturally on swing shift. Staying up a bit late, getting up a bit late, fairly lazy morning, breakfast, chores, schoolwork, dinner, David to work, more schoolwork or reading for the kids, light meals, and lately, sprawling on the pulled out bed to read and watch tv or a movie, or even just playing with toys. The kids just love it! They had one of their cousins spend the night a few days ago, so the 10 year old and 11 year old slept on the fold out, with the 14 year old on the couch. They had a great time.
   It is such a nice feeling to have something finished. I do hope the Finishing of Things continues in a steady manner!

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Collection of Collages

Whew! It's been two weeks since I've posted. Life gets so crazy busy, that it gets difficult to even throw some pictures on here, but I'm determined to store these memories!! Even the bad ones. Explanation to follow. Boo.  

First up, two Family Days ago - beautiful day, our rhododendrons have been gorgeous. I wish they stayed around longer! We tried out a cafe that is newer to the area. We've read some pretty mixed reviews on it, and were hesitant, but a couple of David's coworkers love it, so we went.  Their burgers are so good!!! And their macaroni and cheese -  David and I kept snitching bites out of Mia's. They have toys, coloring, and board games for the kids, and a really relaxed atmosphere. We will be going back! Afterward, we went out to one of the biking/hiking trails out at Ft Stevens. We've biked it in the past, but it was nice for the littlest to get to walk and walk. Downside - mosquitoes! Next time, repellent. One of the upsides of walking rather than riding, is that we can stop and really see all the beautiful spots along the way. To tire the kids out further, we took them to a park before going home. 

Okay, pretty sure I should have at least cropped the pictures of the big kids - it's harder to get shots of them! Big stinkers stop wanting their pictures taken. Well, really just the 14 year old. The others just move too fast!
(Btw, the not so fun part is coming up!)

Next day,we bought a new-to-us couch (and yes, Mia's wearing the same clothes - she zonked HARD after all the walking and playing). I love the shape, and can't wait to make a slipcover for it. It is a hide-a-bed, too, which has the kids extremely excited. I steam cleaned it outside, thanks to more gorgeous weather, perfect for drying outside. I moved up to the porch, where I've been sanding down our coffee table. I was even good and taking a few pictures along the way - the outer ridge I was filling in a bit (it is so good for trapping food bits, ugh), the corner I was preparing to caulk.  Mia was pretty sleepy and curled up in my lap. I loaded a new tube of caulk and was pumping the handle when I felt something weird *and* Amelia started screaming. I was in disbelief, but knew and was sick to my stomach. I had just chopped the tip of  her finger off!!!!!  There is a hole on the caulking gun for cutting the tip off the caulking tubes and she stuck her finger in it!!! I wrapped her hand in a clean kitchen towel, threw her into the van, called David's work, handed the phone to Aidan, was going to bring Emma, but the poor girl dissolved into a puddle of tears.  Alan came with me instead, and he was just wonderful.  David met us at the hospital (he really had the best coworkers). I usually have a strong stomach and do well in these situations, but this time I was a wreck! I came so close to being sick repeatedly. *sigh* A super nice lady in the waiting room with her mother in law loaned her tablet to Amelia so she could watch Angelina Ballerina. What a huge blessing - it completely took her mind off her hand.   The nurse who cared for Amelia was male, and very encouraging and wonderful. He stitched the tip back on, and has pretty firmly cemented the idea of going into nursing into Alan's mind. He's brought it up before, but always felt funny being a guy. We've told him there are a ton of male nurses, I've shown him that Andy Paulsen of Posy Gets Cozy fame is a nurse, and then found out after telling my friend, Marion, about the whole incident, that her husband is also a nurse! Alan seems relieved, though I try to teach my kids to not worry about what society thinks of them to that extent!  
Amelia's spirits recovered quickly, and has only shown discomfort when we change her bandage. Even that is more emotional discomfort than physical. She's down to a band aid, then in a couple days we're to leave that off. I suspect she will not be happy for a few days at that point, poor girl.

 We had some quiet days of recovery (I think mostly emotional for all of us!) and relaxation. We watched some movies and baked. I made this Triple Chocolate Buttermilk Bread, and it was so good! I wasn't sure how the texture would be, but I loved it. A couple of the kids didn't enjoy it, but a couple did, so I have someone beside myself to eat it. After taking Mia to her doctor to check her finger's progress, she wanted to visit grandpa, my dad. My mom has been in Klamath Falls, helping care for her dad. He wasn't doing well, but my dad actually figured out his medication was causing some problems. The doctor took him off those meds, and he has gotten quite a bit better. Mia loves her grandpa! He has many animal identification books, and her favorite is one on spiders!! Weird girl. I've been drinking coffee out of the same cup at their house for about 25 years! I got that cup in the picture while in high school. I can't believe it's still around!

I also baked up some of our favorite scones. I love blueberry, the kids chocolate chip. After years of using baking sheets ( I usually make three) and having to switch them around in the oven, it finally dawned on me to just use pie pans! They fit on one rack, duh. Unbelievably, I've been getting some CROCHET done!! I'm making a blanket for my grandbaby in my daughter's favorite color combo. I love these circles, they've been so nice to work on in the evenings. I also got some yarn for making this dress. I've already started one in a different yarn, then lost the hook. I don't seem to have another the same size, of course. I love this pattern, too, and can't wait to make it in this linen. Well, I think I'm about caught up for now, David has begun swing shift, so I'm thinking I'll have more time at night for blogging regularly, but I have thought that before! I'm so excited to start finishing up some yarn projects!

Friday, May 23, 2014

This Moment

I've been inspired by Soulemama to take a moment...

{This moment}

"A Friday ritual. A single photo - no words, capturing a moment from the week. A simple, special, extraordinary moment. A moment I want to pause, savor, and remember." If you're inspired to do the same, leave a link to your 'moment' in the comments for all to find and see.


Friday, May 16, 2014

This Week

Orange frosted cake with matching orange pop soaked tablecloth!
I finally sat down to get some of these pictures together, saw the date I last posted and was thinking, "Good grief, how fast a week goes!", when I saw my sister had posted. Talk about time flying - it has been a year since my niece had her bone marrow transplant!! I can hardly believe it!! She is doing so well, and of course I have no pictures of her to share. Good grief. Anyway, I never posted Owen's cake, and really took no pictures of his birthday ( I never posted Emma's either, I may still do that eventually. Probably her next birthday, when I say, I can't believe it's been a year and I never posted her last birthday, right?)  For three years running, Owen has wanted a version of this cake - very specifically, orange frosting, plastic dinosaurs, candles (not so specific), and I'll add my own something - this year the candy letters, last year a bit of a mini bunting, I think the year before that was just some crazy candles. So funny, but really, such a nice break!

Monday, which was supposed to be our family work day (big projects/outdoor projects, extra big cleaning), but it was my mother in law's birthday (Mother's Day was the day before, and I don't even have any pictures of my presents yet, guess that will be later). I made lemon bars for her (her favorite, though she is diabetic, so I sent only a few - I told her I do love her and do not want to send her into a diabetic coma! Although meaning it tongue in cheek, I did lose a  friend last year to that very same, icky thing.) David packed the kids up and took them for a visit, while I stayed home to get a bit of my own work done. I tried taking a break on the porch, but the man who built this house way back in 1915, built the front facing west - nice in for watching the sunset, but it's usually just too bright midday! Still, I came out, found myself in the company of Emma's dolls and drank a cold coffee. Most of the kitties came up for a bit of company, too. I had to laugh at Luna, what is it about cardboard on the floor or ground that compels them to lay on it? The kids had a lovely time at their Nana's house - especially when remembering that she still had their Christmas presents! Yep, Christmas, hahaha. We had all gotten so sick in December, then continued getting sick for so many months, then Nana had gotten sicker than we realized. She was house-ridden for two months before we found out. She and we all are bad about getting together very regularly, and we need to do better!

Tuesday was Family Day again, and we started with getting lunch at Fred Meyer. David called in an ordered a big sub sandwich. When we got there, not only was there no sandwich, there was no bread baked! The first picture in the van is of the kids getting popsicles and our poor dog getting some water - it was such a nice, hot day, but not for sitting in the van!!  We ending up getting the sandwich for free after waiting for bread to bake, then we went to Ft Stevens ( though I would have preferred paying and getting it on time!). Ft Stevens was a military installation which protected the mouth of the Columbia from the Civil War through World War II and now is a 4200 acre park - the beach we went to earlier is actually a part of the fort. The walk through here is beautiful, there are lovely shady spots to stop and rest - we keep meaning to bring a lunch and eat it further in, but just keep forgetting! The third picture down, first row, shows the Columbia River and Washington on the other side, where Ft Columbia is. There will be many pictures of this place on here, as we go there pretty often.

The moon this week was just beautiful, too, though I have not figured out how to take a good picture of it on my camera. Also the poor thing's  memory is full, and I must locate my thumb drive so I can empty it! We're supposed to be having some rain this weekend and are looking forward to a crafty couple days. Alan is also sick, so I'm guessing we may miss church this week, too. I do hope it leaves everyone else untouched! I'm also still working on kitchen projects, so will hopefully have some fun things to share next week!